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There are currently over 160 quests.

Quest GuidesEdit

Black Knight's Fortress Sir Amik Varze
Cook's Assistant Lumbridge Castle Cook
Demon Slayer Gypsy in Varrock
Doric's Quest Doric
Dragon Slayer Champion's Guild Master
Ernest the Chicken Veronica
Goblin Diplomacy Either of the Goblin Generals
Imp Catcher Wizard Mizgog
Knight's Sword The Squire
Unstable Foundations Started automatically after you create a new account.
Pirate's Treasure Redbeard Frank
Prince Ali Rescue Hassan
Restless Ghost Father Aereck
Romeo & Juliet Juliet
Rune Mysteries The Duke of Lumbridge
Sheep Shearer Fred the Farmer
Shield of Arrav Reldo the Librarian
The Blood Pact Xenia, Lumbridge Graveyard
Vampire Slayer Morgan
Witch's Potion Hetty

Members-Only Quest Walkthroughs
Quest Where to Begin Difficulty
A Soul's Bane Launa
A Tail of Two Cats Unferth
All Fired Up King Roald, Varrock Castle
Animal Magnetism Ava in Draynor Manor
Another Slice of H.A.M. Ur-Tag or Ambassador Alvijar
As a First Resort Chief Tess, Oo'glog
Back to my Roots Horacio
Between A Rock... Dondakan
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Rantz
Biohazard Elena
Blood Runs Deep Baba Yaga, Lunar Isle
Cabin Fever Bill Teach
Catapult Construction Tyras Guard, north of Tyras Camp
Clock Tower Brother Kojo
Cold War Larry, in the Ardougne Zoo
Contact High Priest of Icthlarin
Creature of Fenkenstrain Signpost in Canifis
Darkness of Hallowvale (Myreque Part 3) Veliaf Hurtz
Dealing With Scabaras High Priest, Sophanem
Death Plateau Denulth
Death to the Dorgeshuun Mistag
Defender of Varrock Captain Rovin, Varrock Palace
Desert Treasure Asgarnia the Archaeologist
Devious Minds Monk
Digsite Quest Examiner
Dream Mentor Fallen Man
Druidic Ritual Kaqemeex
Dwarf Cannon Dwarf Commander
Eadgar's Ruse Sanfew
Eagles' Peak Charlie in the Ardougne Zoo
Elemental Workshop I Seer's Village Bookcase
Elemental Workshop II Digsite Exam Centre Bookcase
Enakhra's Lament Lazim
Enlightened Journey Auguste in Entrana
Eyes of Glouphrie Brimstail
Fairy Tale Part 1: Growing Pains Martin the Master Farmer
Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen Martin the Master Farmer
Family Crest Dimintheus
Fight Arena Lady Servil
Fishing Contest Dwarf
Forgettable Tale (of a Drunken Dwarf) Veldaban
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Commander Veldaban, Keldagrim
Fur 'n' Seek Odd Old Man, east of Varrock
Garden of Tranquillity Queen Ellamaria
Gertrude's Cat Gertrude
Ghosts Ahoy Velorina
Glorious Memories Manni the Reveller, Rellekka
Grim Tales Sylas, Taverly House Portal
Hand in the Sand Bert
Haunted Mine Zealot
Hazeel Cult Sir Ceril Carnillean
Heroes Quest Achietties
Horror From the Deep Larissa
Icthlarin's Little Helper Wanderer
In Aid of the Myreque (Myreque Part 2) Veliaf Hurtz
In Pyre Need Priest of Guthix, southwest of Fishing Colony
In Search of the Myreque (Myreque Part 1) Vanstrom Klause
Jungle Potion Trufitus
Kennith's Concerns Kennith, Witchaven
King's Ransom Gossip, south of Sinclair Mansion
Land of the Goblins Grubfoot, Goblin Mines
Legacy of Seergaze (Myreque Part 4) Mercenary Adventurer
Legends Quest Radimus Erkle
Lost City Warrior
Lost Tribe Sigmund
Lunar Diplomacy Lokar Searunner
Making History Jorral
Meeting History Jorral, Outpost northwest of West Ardougne
Merlin's Crystal King Arthur
Missing My Mummy Leela, Draynor Village
Monkey Madness King Narnode Shareen
Monk's Friend Brother Omad
Mountain Daughter Hamal the Chieftain
Mourning's Ends Part 1 Eluned
Mourning's Ends Part 2 Arianwyn
Murder Mystery Guard near Sinclair Mansion
My Arm's Big Adventure Burntmeat
Myths of the White Lands Explorer Jack, north of Lumbridge
Nature Spirit Drezel
Nomad's Requiem Zimberfizz, Soul Wars
Observatory Quest Observatory Professor
Olaf's Quest Olaf Hradson, Keldagrim cave entrance
One Small Favour Yanni Salika
Perils of Ice Mountain Lakki, South of Ice Mountain
Plague City Edmond
Priest in Peril King of Varrock
Rag and Bone Man Odd Old Man
Rat Catchers Gertrude
Recipe for Disaster Lumbridge Castle Cook
Recruitment Drive Sir Amik Varze
Regicide Messenger
Rocking Out Bill Teach, Port Phasmatys or Mos le'Harmless
Roving Elves Forest Campfire & Islwyn
Royal Trouble Advisor Ghrim
Rum Deal Pirate Pete
Rune Mechanics Clerval, Mage Training Arena
Scorpion Catcher Thormac
Sea Slug Caroline
Shades of Mort'ton Diary of Herbi Flax
Shadow of the Storm Father Reen
Sheep Herder Councilor Halgrive
Shilo Village Mosol Rei
Slug Menace Sir Tiffy Cashien
Smoking Kills Sumona, Pollnivneach
Spirit of Summer Ruins
Spirits of the Elid Mayor of Nardah
Summer's End Portal northwest of Clan Wars
Swan Song Herman Caranos
Swept Away Maggie, west of the Legends' Guild
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Timfraku
Tears of Guthix Juna
Temple of Ikov Lucien
The Chosen Commander Captain Undak, Dorgesh-kaan
The Curse of Arrav Ali the Wise, Nardah
The Feud Ali Morisane
The Fremennik Isles Mord Gunnars
The Fremennik Trials Brundt the Chieftain
The Giant Dwarf Dwarven Boatman
The Golem Golem
The Grand Tree King Narnode Shareen
The Great Brain Robbery Brother Tranquility
The Holy Grail King Arthur
The Hunt for Red Raktuber Larry, East Ardougne Zoo
The Path of the Glouphrie King Bolren, Tree Gnome Village
The Tale of the Muspah Erjolf, northeast of Rellekka
The Temple at Senntisten Ali the Wise, Nardah
The Tourist Trap Irena
Throne of Miscellania King Vargas
TokTz-Ket-Dill TzHaar-Hur-Frok, TzHaar-Xil-Tog or TzHaar-Mej-Malk
Tower of Life Effigy, Southeast of Ardougne
Tree Gnome Village King Bolren
Tribal Totem Kangai
Troll Romance Ug
Troll Stronghold Denulth
Underground Pass King Lathas
Wanted! Sir Tiffy Cashien
Watch Tower Watch Tower Wizard
Waterfall Quest Almera
What Lies Below Rat Burgriss, north of Kharid mine
While Guthix Sleeps Radimus Erkle, Legends' Guild
Witch's House Boy
Within the Light Arianwyn, Lletya
Wolf Whistle Pikkupstix, Taverley
Zogre Flesh Eaters Grish

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